Design Medicine’s origins go all the way back to 1996, when Matt Terich designed the Hitchcock typeface on his PowerMac 7600.


Since then, Matt’s career has taken detour after detour, crafting a resume that could only accurately be titled ‘renaissance man.’ Four years in systems administration, eight years in software development and software design, twelve years in graphic design, and most recently, director of User Experience.

Since founding Design Medicine in 2005, Matt has built a production printing studio in his backyard, equipped with a cameo 38 printing press, a Vandercook4 letterpress, and a C&P platen press. In this magical wonderland, known to its friends as ‘Fort Awesome,’ Design Medicine has produced concert posters, wedding invitations, Jewish Ketubahs, art prints, and just about anything else you might want made out of ink and paper.

Outside of Fort Awesome, in the dark recesses of his MacBook Pro, Matt creates stunning and engaging interactive experiences. Design Medicine’s client roster spans major label rock bands, boutique beauty services, online content providers, Internet startups, and much more.